Our First Birthday & New Venues

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We are one year old!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to u-us, happy birthday to us!!

It’s been a tremendous year bringing our specially made concerts for you and your children out into the world. And we’re not stopping there! We have big plans for our second year.!

After the summer series of Music for Babies concerts in Monkstown went so well, we are continuing them weekly in the Knox Hall, starting on Wednesday 10th September @ 11.30am. It’s so lovely to see the babies reacting to the music, and the parents getting to know each other. We’re also starting a new series of Music for Babies in Foxrock. The Parish Pastoral Centre, next to Foxrock Church on the N11, is the venue. It’s a light airy place with a lovely acoustic and plenty of parking. Babies of Foxrock grab a parent and come on down to enjoy the fun! Starting on Tuesday 9th September @ 11.30am.!

Sunday afternoons @ 3pm are the new times for our monthly Music for Kids concerts. We begin on Sunday 7th September in the Knox Hall, Monkstown, and Sunday 14th September in our new Dalkey venue, Saint Patrick’s Church Hall, near Bullock Harbour.!

With a choice of Monkstown or Dalkey for the kids concerts, and Foxrock or Monkstown for the babies concerts, we hope very much to see you there. Do come and say hello and wish us a happy birthday!!

To celebrate our first birthday we are giving away a pair of tickets to the concert of your choice. All you have to do to be entered into the draw, is like and comment on the Facebook post that announces this competition. Good luck!

Fairytale Day, Kilruddery

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Building Baby’s Brain

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Classical music is amazing isn’t it?

Well, we think so.

Music can sing to your soul, inspire you, calm you, rouse you, relax you, and stir up all sorts of emotions. The benefits of playing an instrument are extensive (more on that in a later Blog), and even just listening to classical music can provide all sorts of unexpected bonuses: stress relief, pain relief, increased expression of emotions, decreased insomnia, enhanced memory skills, a lessening of epilepsy symptoms, (especially Mozart)  heightened spacial awareness, (Mozart again) better language skills, focused attention and concentration, benefits to the immune system, improved physical co-ordination and development, emotional intelligence, and expanded maths abilities. The form and structure of classical music can bring security and order to distressed and disabled children.


That’s a lot of good stuff.

For babies, in addition to all that, the pathways in the brain that are developed by listening to classical music are then used for other cognitive tasks; maths and language for example. So music leads the way.

In our concerts, you only have to see the look on the babies’ faces when the performance begins, to know that something quite amazing is happening.

Kilruddery House and Gardens

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IMG_9787 kilruddery house pic
On August 10th we are bringing our unique Classical Kids concerts to Kilruddery House. We’re really excited. Included in your ticket price is entry to the gardens, which, in case you haven’t been before, are simply beautiful. There’s so much for kids and adults to see and explore. We are big fans! It’s always lovely to bring music to children in such an inspiring environment, and we can’t wait to get started! We will have our trademark play mats, lego and colouring, with worksheets for older children, and, as always, there will be plenty of opportunities for dancing, conducting and joining in. So dust down your best dressing up outfits and come along for some serious fun!

There are two concerts @ 11.30am and 2pm

Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite on our Events calendar.




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So, here at classical kids.ie we’ve been having a brilliant time bringing you our concerts. We’ve sung, danced, played and listened. We’ve had fantastic dressing up; from astronauts to princesses, we’ve had energetic dancing; from cowboy Hoe-Downs to Tchaikovsky waltzes to Hungarian folk dances, we’ve had beautiful and creative artwork, and we’ve really enjoyed all the interaction; from our young conductors and percussionists to our
budding opera stars and beyond. From babies to parents it’s so gratifying to see everyone engaged and joining in. For us, it’s fascinating to see how the children relate to the music, and what in particular resonates with them. It’s not always what we expect!

At our very first concert, as a child was breakdancing to Mozart right in front of me, I realised we were onto something! !

Our latest venture is slightly more sedate. We are bringing you concerts designed for parents and babies. That is, 0-18 months. More of a conventional concert, these recitals have play mats and our trademark baby friendly ethos, allowing the parent to relax and enjoy the music, perhaps even finding some valuable head space. The happy outcome of all this lovely serenity is the exposure the babies get to top notch classical music. Win win.!

So now you have two child friendly concerts to choose from; quieter, gentler baby concerts mid-week, and our all singing all dancing interactive weekend concerts. See you there!

How it all started..

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Sitting on a coach on the way back from a rainy concert in Carlow, Sylvia and I were lamenting the lack of opportunities for our children to hear and engage with live classical music. The traditional route of concert hall was closed to them (unless it was for a ‘children’s concert’, designed with the older school going child in mind), so where could they go to experience live classical music up close and personal?
I was reminded of an article I had read about a festival in the UK where the innate multitasking capacities of young children were encouraged to blossom. These children were listening to music as they were climbing trees. I thought of how my own children learn; always doing something, playing, building, drawing, pausing to take something in, then returning to their activity. The notion of young children being quiet and keeping still in order to listen to music, suddenly seemed antiquated, forced and counterproductive. Wouldn’t a more natural and productive environment allow children to play, build and draw as they were surrounded by a live performance? Then, they could dip in and out at their own pace, absorbing and interacting completely naturally. If they want to react by making a noise, that’s great. If they want to react by moving or dancing, that’s great. If they want to stare with their mouths hanging open, then that’s also great.

Of course, there’s an added bonus for the parents..
The stress of trying to keep young children quiet and still is removed. Ahhh. Free to relax and enjoy the music knowing the children are occupied.

So let’s do it Sylvia and I thought. Play mats, building blocks, colouring and live classical music. Perfect. In an informal, accessible, community based setting. Even better.


That’s another thing. Why the hassle of travel and parking in the city centre when these concerts could be rooted in the local community? The opportunity to be able to stroll to a concert, buggy in tow. We felt that was important.

So classicalkids.ie was born. Our first series in Monkstown, County Dublin, went really well and we’re now well into our current series in Dalkey. Onwards and upwards!