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What do we offer?

Accessible, live, classical music concerts for you and your children.
Bring your babies along to experience the finest chamber music.

On their terms.

Benefits of Classical Music for Children

Suitable for: 0-3 years old

Classical music concerts for parents and babies in a relaxed, local setting. Come and enjoy the finest chamber music as your baby feeds, sleeps, plays and absorbs all the benefits of this wonderful music.

Suitable for: 3-8 years old

Designed for families with pre-schoolers and older children up to 7 or 8, it’s all about interacting with the music in a totally natural way.  We meet the instruments, play musical games, sing and dance, and learn about basic musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo. All in a fun and inclusive way.


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Both boys were engaged in the music from the outset & loved the opportunities to join in stamping out the time & taking a turn at playing a scale.Louise Studd

5 out of 5


By going to my son has now developed a love for music and he sings the tunes for days after!!Chaoilfhionn Ginnity

5 out of 5


The skill level of the musicians was astounding & their ability to relate to & draw the children in with their enthusiasm was magical.’Louise Studd

4 out of 5

About Us

Relaxed, affordable, accessible classical music concerts for parents, kids, toddlers & babies in local community settings.

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