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How much are your concerts?

Music for Babies concerts:
€15 per adult. Babies are free.

Interactive Kids Concerts:
€15 per adult with up to 3 accompanying children free.
Subsequent children are €5 each.

What’s the best age for a child to come to one of your concerts?

Our Music for Babies concerts are designed for parents and babies of 0 – 3 years. We have play mats and cushions to create a gentle calm atmosphere, allowing everybody the chance to enjoy the music. You are welcome to bring along a favourite soft toy or blanket. We do ask adults to keep any noise to a minimum. Babies can do what they like!

Our Interactive Kids Concerts are a more engaging experience. These concerts are designed for the pre-schooler and older child up to the age of 7. There are lots of opportunities for singing, dancing, dressing up and general joining in. Of course siblings are welcome too.

Our child friendly ethos is really important to us, we love to see children (and babies) responding to the music in a natural way whether that’s making a noise, moving, or staring in disbelief! Our only ask, for safety reasons, is that parents discourage older children from running in the venue.

Can I bring my buggy?

Of course! Unless you have a sleeping child, we ask that you leave all buggies in the designated space to keep the fire exits accessible.

How long are your concerts?

Each concert is about an hour in length. We encourage children to have a closer look at the instruments, after the concert is the best time for this.

About Us

Relaxed, affordable, accessible classical music concerts for parents, kids, toddlers & babies in local community settings.

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