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Interactive Concerts

Interactive Concerts

Designed for families with pre-schoolers and older children up to 7 or 8, it’s all about interacting with the music in a totally natural way. 

Interactive Learning

We meet the instruments, play musical games, sing and dance, and learn about basic musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo. All in a fun and inclusive way.

Our musicians

Each concert introduces a changing guest instrument from the orchestra as well as regular instruments that underpin the series.


We have play mats, lego, colouring, and worksheets for older children. All are welcome to come and have a closer look at the instruments at the end of the concert.

Joining In

We love to see families joining in, and often ask the adults to help out singing songs or doing actions.

Upcoming Interactive Concerts

About Us

Relaxed, affordable, accessible classical music concerts for parents, kids, toddlers & babies in local community settings.

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