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Babies And Mozart

Research indicates that Mozart can improve general aptitude, spatial intelligence, and hearing in children. These findings have led to a general acceptance of the Mozart effect among many parents. Babies generally love music. They respond to music with excitement even before they learn to speak. As a parent, you must be doing everything to help...

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Playing classical music to your child can improve their listening skills later on in life

Playing classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart to young children boosts their concentration and self-discipline, a new study suggests. Youngsters also improve their general listening and social skills by being exposed to repertoires from composers including Ravel, Shostakovich and Mendelssohn. In addition, they are likely to appreciate a wider range of music in later years, according to a study from the Institute of Education, (IoE), University of London. Listening to classical music such as Beethoven (right) and Mendelssohn (left) boosts children's concentration and self discipline as well as improving their general listening and social skills, according to new research......

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How Music Helps Brain Development in Infants

Parents know that shakers quickly become their babies’ favourite toys, and singing a lullaby will quickly lull their infants to sleep. What parents might not realise is that these musical foundations are changing their infant’s brain in ways that will benefit them throughout their lives. Psychologist Dr. Frances Rauscher and neuroscientist Gordon Shaw have conducted...

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Gerald Peregrine, Lynda O’Connor and Dermot Dunne playing beautifully for residents at the Sacred Heart Hospital Carlow yesterday - part of the Covid Care Concerts series.

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