Building Baby’s Brain

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Classical music is amazing isn’t it?

Well, we think so.

Music can sing to your soul, inspire you, calm you, rouse you, relax you, and stir up all sorts of emotions. The benefits of playing an instrument are extensive (more on that in a later Blog), and even just listening to classical music can provide all sorts of unexpected bonuses: stress relief, pain relief, increased expression of emotions, decreased insomnia, enhanced memory skills, a lessening of epilepsy symptoms, (especially Mozart)  heightened spacial awareness, (Mozart again) better language skills, focused attention and concentration, benefits to the immune system, improved physical co-ordination and development, emotional intelligence, and expanded maths abilities. The form and structure of classical music can bring security and order to distressed and disabled children.


That’s a lot of good stuff.

For babies, in addition to all that, the pathways in the brain that are developed by listening to classical music are then used for other cognitive tasks; maths and language for example. So music leads the way.

In our concerts, you only have to see the look on the babies’ faces when the performance begins, to know that something quite amazing is happening.

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